Lemondrop Mangosteen

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Tree Description: It makes an attractive ornamental tree, especially when in fruit, which may be year round. Part shade to full sun; fruits more prolifically in full sun. Fruit; ornamental tree; can be grown in a container10-15 ft (3-5 m) small bush or tree.

Scientific Name: Garcinia intermedia

Common Name: (English) lemon drop mangosteen, mameyito, monkey fruit; (Spanish) arrayan, palo de frutilla (Guatemala), waiki plum (Belize), chaparrón (El Salvador), caimito or caimito de montaña (Honduras), jorco (Costa Rica), sastra (Panama), berba

Family: Clusiaceae/Guttiferae

Relatives: Imbe, cherapu, madrono, bakupari, mangosteen; Brunei cherry; cherry mangosteen; gamboge; gourka; seaside mangosteen

Origin: Central America

Distribution/History: This species is native to southern Mexico and Central America and possibly to northwestern South America. It requires a humid tropical climate. The tree is occasionally cultivated as an ornamental or fruit tree in Asia and Africa. It is cultivated on a small scale in many countries like Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama etc.

Importance: Fruit; ornamental tree; can be grown in a container. The Lemon drop mangosteen taste can be described as acidy-sweet. The taste is fresh sweet with a little acid. The texture of the flesh is chewy and thick.