What and When to Plant in Southwest Florida

This is a list of seeds that are known to grow well when started in the listed month when planted in Southwest Florida.


Arugula Eggplant Leek Pepper Stevia
Bell Pepper Endive Lettuce Pak Choi Swiss Chard
Cabbage Fennel Mizuna Potato Tamarillo
Celery Garlic Mustard Quinoa Thyme
Chives Garlic Chives Onion Sets Radish Tomatillo
Cilantro Goji Berry Oregano Roselle Tomato
Collard Ground Cherry Papaya Rutabaga Tomato (Everglades)
Cranberry Hibiscus Kale Parsley Sage Turnip
Dill Kohlrabi Peas Spinach Zucchini


Arugula Dill Lettuce Pak Choi Tamarillo
Bean (Yardlong) Eggplant Melon Potato Tomatillo
Bell Pepper Endive Mustard Radish Tomato
Cilantro Goji Berry Onion Sets Roselle Tomato (Everglades)
Collard Ground Cherry Papaya Rutabaga Turnip
Corn Kale Parsley Spinach Watermelon
Cranberry Hibiscus Kohlrabi Peas Squash Zucchini
Cucumber Leek Pepper Swiss Chard  


Bean (Yardlong) Goji Berry Okra Peas Turnip
Bell Pepper Ground Cherry Peanut Spinach Watermelon
Bok Choy Kale Pak Choi Squash Zucchini
Cilantro Kohlrabi Pumpkin (Tropical) Swiss Chard  
Corn Lettuce Radish Tamarillo  
Cranberry Hibiscus Melon Roselle Tomatillo  
Cucumber Moringa Rosemary Tomato  
Jalapeno Mustard Papaya Tomato (Everglades)  


Basil Jalapeno Pak Choi Spinach (New Zealand) Watermelon
Bean (Yardlong) Kale Pumpkin Sweet Potato Zucchini
Bell Pepper Luffa Gourd Radish Tamarillo  
Bok Choy Melon Roselle Tomatillo  
Cilantro Moringa Rosemary Tomato (Cherry)  
Goji Berry Okra Papaya Tomato (Heat Resistant)  
Ground Cherry Peanut Peas Tomato (Everglades)  


Amaranth Jalapeno Peanut Tomatillo Zucchini
Bean (Yardlong) Luffa Gourd Pumpkin Tomato (Cherry)  
Bok Choy Melon Rosemary Tomato (Heat Resistant)  
Cowpea Moringa Spinach (New Zealand)


Ground Cherry Papaya Sweet Potato Winged Bean  


Amaranth Bitter Melon Luffa Gourd Pigeon Pea Tomatillo
Basil Cowpea Moringa Pepper Winged Bean
Bean (Yardlong) Kale (Ethiopian) Okra Spinach (New Zealand, Malabar, Lagos) Zucchini


Amaranth Cowpea Moringa Pigeon Pea Winged Bean
Basil Jalapeno Mustard Spinach (Malabar, Lagos) Zucchini
Bean (Yardlong) Kale (Ethiopian) Okra Sweet Potato  
Bitter Melon Luffa Gourd Pepper Tomatillo  


Beans Eggplant Moringa Spinach (Malabar, Lagos) Tomato (Cherry)
Bell Peppers Jalapeno Okra Squash Zucchini
Bitter Melon Kale (Ethiopian) Pepper Sweet Potato  
Cowpea Luffa Gourd Pigeon Pea Tomatillo  


Beans Brussel Sprouts Jalapeno Okra Tomatillo
Beets Carrot Kale Pumpkin (Tropical) Tomato
Bell Pepper Collard Leek Spinach Turnip
Bitter Melon Cowpea Lettuce Squash Zucchini
Broccoli Cucumber Mustard Swiss Chard  


Basil Cabbage Ground Cherry Onion Sets Swiss Chard
Beans Carrot Jalapeno Papaya Tomatillo
Beet Catnip Kale Parsley Tomato (Everglades)
Bell Pepper Cauliflower Kohlrabi Peas Turnip
Bitter Melon Celeriac Leek Potato Zucchini
Bok Choy Celery Lettuce Radish  
Broccoli Collard Mustard Rosemary  
Brussel Sprouts Endive Moringa Rutabaga  


Basil Catnip Goji Berry Onion Rosemary
Bean (Yardlong) Cauliflower Ground Cherry Onion Sets Rutabaga
Beet Celeriac Kale Papaya Swiss Chard
Bell Pepper Celery Kohlrabi Parsley Tamarillo
Bok Choy Cilantro Leek Peas Tomatillo
Broccoli Collard Lettuce Pepper Tomato (Everglades)
Brussel Sprouts Cranberry Hibiscus Mizuna Potato Turnip
Cabbage Endive Mustard Radish  
Carrot Garlic Moringa Roselle  


Arugula Chives Ground Cherry Papaya Spinach
Beet Cilantro Kale Parsley Stevia
Bell Pepper Collard Kohlrabi Parsnip Swiss Chard
Brussel Sprouts Cranberry Hibiscus Leek Peas Tamarillo
Cabbage Dill Lemongrass Pepper Tamatillo
Carrot Endive Lettuce Potato Thyme
Catnip Fennel Mizuna Quinoa Tomato
Cauliflower Garlic Mustard Roselle Tomato (Everglades)
Celeriac Garlic Chives Onion Rutabaga Turnip
Celery Goji Berry Onion Set Sage Zucchini