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Tree description: It is an evergreen tree with a pyramidal canopy that can grow to 5-10m in its preferred environment. It exudes a yellow latex when bruised or cut. Young leaves are pinkish-red before turning yellowish green on maturity. Achachairu is an understory tree and strong sunlight can damage young foliage.

Scientific Name: Garcinia gardneriana 

Common Names: Achachairu, bacuri, achacha, bacupari, bacoparé, bacopari, bacopari-miúdo, mangostão-amarelo, escropari, bacuri-miúdo, remelento, bacurimirim 

Family: Clusiaceae 

Relatives: Bakuri, bakupari, cherapu, bacuripari, Cuban mangosteen, gamboge, imbe, lemon drop mangosteen, madroño, mameyito 

Origin: Indigenous to the Amazonian region to Ro Rio Grande do Sul

Distribution: It has been cultivated for many years in small holdings and domestic orchards in Bolivia’s Amazon Basin.

Importance: Renowned for its rich antioxidant content and unique nutrient composition, folate, potassium and vitamin C makes it an excellent addition to your fruit bowl. The skin of the fruit makes an excellent thirst quencher that provides a healthy dose of beta carotene, hydroxycitrate acid (HCA), arginine and other minerals.