About ECHO

ECHO is much more than a farm! Founded in 1981, we are an agricultural support agency to the world. A non-denominational Christian organization, ECHO exists to reduce hunger and improve the lives of small-scale farmers worldwide. We provide agricultural and appropriate technology training and resources to development workers in more than 165 countries.  ECHO resources include a large knowledge base of specialized information, technical support based on years of experience, and an extensive seedbank focused on highly beneficial, underutilized plants.  We work to identify, validate, document and disseminate best practices in sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology. ECHO creates opportunities for community leaders to network with one another to share experiences, ideas and solutions. 

Visit one of our two websites

ECHOnet.org contains general information about ECHO as an organization. 

ECHOcommunity.org contains resources for development practitioners looking for training, technical documentation, research and seeds.