Blackberry Jam Fruit

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Tree Description: Highly fragrant large white flowers give way to amazing little fruits with deep purple to black pulp filled interiors that taste sweet, tangy, and licorice like and very reminiscent of blackberry jam. The small tree is fairly compact and never really grows any taller than six feet.

Scientific Name: Rosenbergiodendron formosum

Common Name: jasmin de rosa

Family: Rubiaceae

Origin: Central and South America

Distribution: Blackberry Jam Fruit Bush (Randia Formosa) is a fruit from Central and South America, especially in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. It mostly grows wild but is also sometimes planted by local people. This is a rare tropical to subtropical fruit, growing as a small evergreen bushy shrub, usually only 4-5 ft tall in the ground and 3-4 ft in the container. It can be also trained into a miniature tree. The plant is closely related to gardenia and produces 1.5-2″ star-shaped, very fragrant, tubular white flowers that attract nocturnal moths.

Uses: The fruits are eaten fresh. The fresh pulp of this fruit tastes exactly like blackberry jam. As the pulp is not excessively sweet like common jam, so many people rate this fruit better than any preserve. When someone sees the blackberry jam fruit shrub all covered by yellow fruits, he is tempted to pick, crack open all of them, and suck out the sweet and tasty exotic pulp. This is one of those fun rare fruits than one never gets tired of!