Rural Development

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Paperback, 256 pages.
by Robert Chambers
ISBN: 978-0582644434

'The extremes of rural poverty in the Third World are an outrage.' Starting with this uncompromising statement, the author challenges preconceptions dominating rural development. The central theme of this book is that rural poverty is often unseen or misperceived by outsiders, those who not themselves rural or poor. Dr Chambers contends that researchers, scientists, administrators and fieldworkers rarely appreciate the richness and validity or rural people's knowledge, or the hidden nature of rural poverty. He argues for a new professionalism, with fundamental reversals in outsiders' learning, values, and behaviour, and proposes more realistic action for tackling rural poverty.

This is a challenging book for all concerned with rural development, as practitioners, academics, students or researchers, including social, physical and biological scientists, and field and headquarters staff of government departments, voluntary agencies, and aid organizations.