Let's Build our Lives

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Paperback, 229 pages.
by Team for Evangelism and Development Church of Christ Congo and Daniel E. Fountain
ISBN: 978-1879148062

Let's Build Our Lives is a book that helps church leaders begin a community development program. The book describes how Pastor Simon nurtured eleven church members through the process of becoming development facilitators, It also shows how they integrated spiritual and physical development in their towns and villages, The process depicted is base on biblical principles that show how God expects people to relate to each other and to work together. 

Written for pastors, school teachers, leaders of women, men and youth groups, Let's Build Our Lives is a self-help book enabling a small group to read through each chapter and learn through discussion of the analysis and application questions. The book presents development that is experiential, people-centered, and based on hands-on work with local leaders responsible for promoting change.