Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide

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Paperback, 414 pages.
by and M.R. Ziegler Tucker D.P.H., J.S. Rogers, E.W. Stover
ISBN-13 : 978-0916287344

Florida's citrus industry is a vital part of the state's economy. Sweeping changes and several natural disasters have impacted Florida over recent years, including hurricanes and the spread of canker and greening diseases. These circumstances demanded a restructuring of virtually every aspect of the citrus industry.

Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide is your complete guide for current practices and future changes resulting from these events.

This essential guide is a necessary reference for anyone with a vested interest in the Florida citrus industry. Each self-contained chapter offers a quick and practical overview of its particular topic, with illustrated examples that show these practices in operation and how they connect to other related areas of Florida Citrus. A special feature of this book is "Outlook on the Future," which addresses citrus canker, greening and other diseases and how their presence will impact current practices. Whether you are a grower who's been in the business for years a=or a new real-estate investor considering the purchase of citrus property, Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide is the one reference that presents all the vital information in one place