The Art of South Florida Gardening

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Paperback, 256 pages.
by Harold Songdahl and Coralee Leon
ISBN: 978-1561643936

South Florida gardeners have depended on the solid advice in this book since the first edition came out more than a decade ago. Now it has been updated with more helpful facts, tips, and advice for the conservation-conscious gardener of the 21st century, while maintaining the practical, easy-going attitude of South Florida gardeners have found so comforting over the years.

This book still makes gardening in South Florida inviting and fun, whether you are an old hand or have just moved here - and even if you have never before considered getting your hands dirty. harold's warm, wise voice is always encouraging and enthusiastic, and Coralee's lively engaging prose will have you reading as much for pleasure as for it valueless information.

Once you start using "The Art of South Florida Gardening", you wont know how you've gotten along without it.