Dwarf Ambarella

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Tree description: The dwarf ambarella is a fast-growing plant that will produce fruit in less than one year, and at a height of only two feet. They have a single sharp, rather large, spiny seed

Scientific Name: Spondias dulcis

Common Name: great hog plum, Polynesian plum, Jew plum and golden apple

Family: Anacardiacae

Relatives: cashews, pistachios, mango

Origin: Society Islands of the South Pacific

Distribution: Native to the Indo-Malaysian region and now spread throughout the tropics.

Importance: Fruits at maturity have a yellow to golden-orange skin and an orangery-yellow pulp surrounding a single large spiny seed. Flavor varies from acid to sweet and most people eat this as a fresh fruit; however, it does make excellent preserves, jellies or sauces. The stone, or seed casing, has spines that stick out into the flesh and complicates the use of the fruit. Seeds are produced in 5 small cavities in the stone. Only 1 or 2 of the seeds will be developed.