Cherry of Rio Grande

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Tree Distribution: This delicious cherry is typically 1-2 inches long and oval in shape. When ripe, they are deep purple to black and have a full cherry-like flavor. The trees can be grown in large pots, hedged, or used as a specimen. Avg. Height x Width: 12' x 8'. Season: April - May. Damage Temp: 27F.

Scientific Name:Eugenia aggregata

Common Name: Cherry of the Rio Grande

Family: Myrtaceae

Relatives: Pitomba, rose apple, pitanga, feijoa, jaboticaba, cherry guava

Origin: Brazil

History: The Cherry of the Rio Grande, Eugenia aggregata, is native to Brazil and grows quite well in south Florida. It has been grown in Florida since prior to 1920 but has never achieved widespread

Importance: Little nutritional data is available for the Cherry of the Rio Grande. Studies have demonstrated that the fruit has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Other members of the Eugenia genus contain high amounts of vitamins A and C, B-complex vitamins, as well as a small amount of iron, magnesium and potassium.