Beauty Berry

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Tree Description: Branches form long arches bending toward the ground and lend almost a weeping habit to older, established shrubs. The coarse, fuzzy, light green, deciduous leaves are combined with small, lavender-pink blossoms densely clustered in leaf axils from June through August. A profusion of very showy, 1/3-inch-diameter, clustered berries follow, densely packed and encircling the woody stems. These shiny purple-blue fruits are quite attractive to birds and, if not completely devoured, will persist on the stems for several weeks after the leaves drop.

Scientific Name: Callicarpa americana

Common Name: American beauty berry, American mulberry 

Family: Verbenaceae

Origin: North America

Distribution: American beauty berry is widely distributed throughout the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains, from Virginia to Florida and west to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. It also occurs in the West Indies. It is cultivated in Hawaii.

Importance: The seeds and berries are important foods for many species of birds, particularly the Northern Bobwhite. Foliage is a favorite of White-tailed Deer.