The Water Princess

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Hardcover, 40 pages.
by Susan Verde and Georgie Badiel
ISBN: 978-0399172588

With its wide sky and warm earth, Princess Gie Gie's Kingdom is filled with beauty. But clean drinking water is scarce in her small African village, and despite her commands, Gie Gie cannot bring water closer; she cannot make it run clearer. Every morning, she rises before the sun to make the long journey to the well, and every evening, after the voyage home, Gie Gie thinks of the trip that tomorrow will bring. And she has dreams. She dreams of a day when her village will have cool, crystal-clear water of its own.

Inspired by the childhood of Burkina Faso- born model Georgie Badiel, The Water Princess brings together the exceptional talents of Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds in this stunning picture book. With the help of Ryan's Well and theh Georgie Badiel Foundation, they are working to bring clean drinking water into Burkina Faso and make Gie Gie's dream a reality.