Neem Hair Care

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As you become more familiar with neem, you’ll discover that it has been used for thousands of years to make skin and hair more beautiful. Modern research points to the high level of antioxidants in neem playing an important role, even covering gray and encouraging the growth of strong new hair.

This leave-in conditioner takes advantage of as many rich botanicals as we can blend in an all-natural formula that soothes even the itchiest scalps while nourishing dry hair. It’s great at night during cold weather or try a few drops on your scalp before a day at the beach or in the garden to protect your hair from the sun’s dry heat. Just use a few drops on your scalp,or on the ends of very long hair, for an almost-immediate improvement in texture and shine.

  • Cold-pressed neem oil, used for centuries in India, is a potent source of natural antioxidants. High levels of long-chain fatty acids and gylcerides allow neem oil to quickly be absorbed by hair and to penetrate outer layers of the scalp so active ingredients are available where they’re most needed.
  • Jojoba is similar to human skin oils and penetrates skin quickly to nourish lower layers. It also contains high levels of antioxidants.
  • Grapeseed, sweet almond and sunflower seed oils,are high in vitamin E, essential fatty acids,minerals and linoleic acid (also known as Omega 6).
  • Walnut is a light oil that contains high levels of essential fatty acids that help create a protective layer on the scalp while nourishing hair.
  • Wheat germ oil is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants including vitamin E and beta carotene.
  • Essential oil of lavender is recognized as natural rejuvenator and for its aromatherapeutic properties that provide natural stress relief.