Necklace - Easy Elegance, Long

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Easy Elegance- Handcrafted by artisans in Santa Cruz de Atitlan, Guatemala from CECAP vocational school. CECAP is a program of our partner organization Amigos de Santa Cruz, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, that works to improve the lives of the indigenous people of Santa Cruz and surrounding villages through education and sustainable economic empowerment.

Easy because they slip easily over your head. Elegance because they are made from high-quality crystals, stones, pony beads, and glass beads from the Czech Republic. Sparkles in sunlight. 4-strand necklace of equal length. 29" to 30" long end to end. 3 loops to adjust length. T-closure. Twist to create a rope look or wear two necklaces together for a more substantial, elegant style.

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