Moringa No-See-Um Repellent

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4 oz.
Contains: 100% Organic Blend of Coconut, Moringa, Neem, Citronella, Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint

Spritz Your Way to Insect Protection in the Outdoors!

If you are looking for a natural, chemical-free, and organic insect spray to use in the outdoors and for sports - then this Moringa Insect Repellent is for you. Neem and Moringa oil combine to create a Powerful Blend of all natural spray to repel Mosquitos, No See Ums, Flies, Gnats and flying Insects. Safe for Bees for deep woods outdoor protection. It's time to go all natural and protect like never before with this organic bug spray!

Moringa Energy Life introduces the Moringa No-See-Em Spray! Rich and natural, this 100% pure blend is here to protect your skin. This Natural insect spray gives powerful yet gentle repellent that soothes the skin. Cold pressed, it soaks in to hydrate and create a force field of Neem for your skin. Its ultra-moisturizing properties are even effective in reducing bites of all kinds out in nature!

The secret to Moringa Energy Life´s success is in our natural ingredients. No chemicals means no irritation or side effects. Just natural, pure, safe results!

Why Choose Our Moringa Insect Repellent?

  • Saves skin from bites and insects
  • Provides natural bug spray benefits
  • Helps protect skin organically
  • Rich, clean natural scent
  • Pure and cold pressed
  • Provides healing nutrients