Moringa Capsules - Extra Strength 120 ct

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120 capsules (500 mg each).

Suggested Use: 3 capsules once a day or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

Organic 100% Pure Moringa Dried Leaf Power and anti-oxidant-rich energy booster and is possibly the most nutrient-dense plant yet discovered.

Moringa is known worldwide as a rich source of vegetable protein (30%). In addition, it contains 16x the calcium of milk, 15x the potassium of bananas, 10x the vitamin A as carrots, 9x the protein in yogurt, 4x the chlorophyll of wheat grass, vitamin C, natural phenolic compounds and all essential minerals.

Moringa leaf contains 18 amino ancids including all 9 essential amino acids, 36 anti-inflammatory, and 46 active antioxidants.It is also rich in flavonoids such as catechin polyphenols and especially EGCG. It has been suggested that these extremely powerful anti-oxidants may have therapeutic applications in the treatment of many medical disorders and overall well-being.