Integrated Forest Gardening

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Paperback, 320 pages.
by Wayne Weiseman
ISBN: 978-1603584975

Permaculture is a movement that is coming into its own, and the concept of creating plant guilds is increasingly at the forefront of every farmers and gardeners permaculture practice.

Authors Wayne Weiseman, Daniel Halsey, and Bryce Ruddock have created the first, and most comprehensive, book about plant guilds, covering in detail both what guilds are and how to design and construct them, complete with extensive color photography and design illustrations. While other permaculture books address this topic of guilds, none provides enough depth to be replicable in a serious way.

Though detailed, Integrated Forest Gardening will benefit readers of any scale, from permaculture designers and professional growers to backyard growers new to the concept of permaculture.

Integrated Forest Gardening provides readers with information on:

  • What we can observe about natural plant guilds in the wild and the importance of observation;
  • Detailed research on the structure of plant guilds;
  • Animal interactions with plant guilds;
  • Steps to guild design, construction, and dynamics, from assessment to design to implementation;
  • Fifteen detailed plant guilds, five each from the three authors based on their unique perspectives; and,
  • Guild project management: budgets, implementation, management, and maintenance.