Give Bees A Chance

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Hardcover, 40 pages.
by Bethany Barton
ISBN: 978-0670016945

The official bee test!

What do you do when you see one of these?

a. Flap your arms and run in figure eights.

b. Dash inside and lock all the doors and windows.

c. Pull out your industrial-size can of bug spray and aim for the stripes.

d. Hold out your honey bear-shaped bottle, bow, and give thanks.

If you chose a,b,or c, then this book is for you! (if you chose d, buy this book and give it to your bee-phobic friends!)

Give Bees a Chance is for anyone who doesn't quite appreciate how extra special and important bees are to the world, and even to mankind! Besides making yummy honey, they help plants grow fruits and vegetables. And most bees wouldn't hurt a fly (unless in self-defense!). Not convinced yet? Well, just give this book a chance to show you how truly amazing bees are... before you reach for the bug spray!