Earthbag Architecture

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Paperback, 78 pages.
by Kelly hart and Dr. Owen Geiger
ISBN: 978-0916289409

Discover how you can build an amazing variety of structures using little more than the earth beneath your feet. Earthbag building is revolutionizing how people around the world are thinking about ways of providing shelter, both temporary and permanent. Such buildings can be remarkably durable and resistant to earthquakes, floods, fires and even bullets.
Kelly Hart describes the basics of how to build this way, provides a history of the evolving technology and delves into detailed descriptions of the many different earthbag projects that he has been involved with over nearly two decades. A survey of 64 unique buildings from around the world proves just how versatile this approach to building can be. A look to the future of earthbag building and a Resource Guide complete the book.
Some 240 color photographs help you visualize the possibilities of this unusual and sustainable approach to architecture.