Create Your Own Florida Food Forest

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If you've been fighting with your Florida garden, you're doing it wrong! Florida wants to be covered in forests, not grass and annuals. Picture yourself strolling through a lush and tame jungle loaded with sweet fruit, vegetables, roots, medicinal herbs, flowers and tarting butterflies. Now imagine that Eden is your very own Florida yard - it can be if you plant a food forest!

Create an edible forest garden and you''ll work with nature instead of against her. No matter where you live in the state, you can transform a patch of grass or woods into a magical edible Eden in just a few years. Discover the permaculture breakthrough that may one day feed the world. Build soil, get plants for free and grow more food with less work!

David The Good is a native Floridian and the author of ten gardening books and two gardening thrillers. He currently has a quarter acre experimental garden, a tropical food forest at the southern tip of Florida, a plant nursery and a plant collection which includes a baffling array of edible and useful perennials.