Coin Bag - Beaded

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Made in Guatemala.

Colors and patterns vary, let us choose for you!

Miracles in Action seeks out under-served pockets of need in rural Guatemala and we research projects that focus on education, vocational training, and sustainable development. They select projects that achieve long-term results, improve quality of life, and allow truly impoverished people to help themselves. They believe in working in partnership with poor Guatemalan people, giving them a hand up, instead of a hand-out. They also strongly believe that education is the surest way out of poverty, and so devote much of our efforts in that direction.

Miracles in Action is a 501c-3 charity.They support 135 artisans working from their homes to earn income to feed and educate their children; and then go beyond fair trade by giving them water filters, solar lamps, empowerment workshops, etc