Chinese Spinach

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Plant Description: Longevity spinach grows to a maximum height of 12 inches. Chinese spinach grows well either in the shade or full sun, but semi-shade is preferred. These are low-growing plants that spread on grounds it grows on, though you can grow them from pots. One can also think of them as semi-succulents.

Scientific Name: Gynura procumbens

Common Names: Chinese Spinach, Longevity Spinach, Gynura

Family: Gynura

Origin: Tropical Asia


Importance: There are many different ways you can consume this plant. Its leaves have a mild raw taste so they can be crushed and put in smoothies, soups, or teas. They can also be used in sandwiches or in salads as a healthy snack. The most effective way is to eat it raw, but the possibilities are endless. Use it any way you would use any other leafy green and you can enjoy all these health perks!

Research shows that Chinese Spinach lowers blood sugar levels and can be used as a successful treatment for diabetes. Specialists have used this plant for over a decade to treat diabetes in African regions. Recently, it has gained much significance in scientific circles.  It is great for lowering high blood pressure, preventing and treating hypertension by increasing nitric oxide production in the blood vessels, and is famous for its anti-inflammatory effects.