Bok Choy - Hedou Tiny Bok Choy - Hedou Tiny
Bok Choy - Hedou Tiny Bok Choy - Hedou Tiny

Bok Choy - Hedou Tiny


200 seeds.

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A perfectly miniature bok choy! Stuff several in the steamer basket or pop one into your mouth for a nutritious snack! The extra-dwarf heads are famous across China and even long popular in U.S. markets and restaurants. Said to have first been grown in a small village called Hak Tau on Hong Kong, a local legend holds that an old man first began cultivating this variety and spreading seeds to fellow villagers. He asked only that the variety remain in the village. But after outsiders came in the night to steal seeds, Hedou baby bok choy became famous across Hong Kong and eventually the globe. The delicious micro choy is a staple in many dishes and a perfect bite-sized veggie!

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