Making Wheels

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Paperback, 153 pages.
by Ron Dennis
ISBN: 978-1853391415

Making Wheels gives details of a low-cost technology which will enable workshops to set up their own facilities and manufacture a range of wheels from standard steel sections. The technology is based on a hand-operated bending device, which can form steel sections into good quality wheel rims to suit various types of tires. Wheels can be made to take bicycle, motorcycle, car, and solid rubber or steel tires for vehicles such as handcarts, cycle trailers and animal-drawn carts. The other essential component is an assembly jig which ensures that wheels are constructed to a consistent quality. Working drawings and detailed step by step instructions for construction of the bending device and assembly jig are provided.

The technology described here has been introduced and tested in over sixty workshops and tested in ten countries. It can be readily adopted and used by small workshops to produce good quality, low-cost wheels on a small scale of production. Essential reading for workshop and technical staff who are familiar with metal-working techniques.