Dancing with Bees

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Hardcover, 304 pages.
by Brigit Strawbridge Howard
ISBN: 978-1603589864

Pragmatic and whimsical, Dancing with Bees is the provocative memoir of one wildlife gardener rekindling her relationship with nature by getting to know some extraordinary, magical, little beings.

Brigit Strawbridge Howard was shocked the day she realised she knew more about the French Revolution than she did about her native trees. And birds. And wildflowers. And bees. The thought stopped her - quite literally - in her tracks. That day was also the start of her journey, one filled with silver birches and hairy-footed flower bees, skylarks and rosebay willow herb, and the joy that comes with deepening one's relationship with place.

Dancing with Bees is her charming and eloquent account of a return to noticing, to reconnecting, and rediscovering a natural world that had somehow been lost to her for decades. In it you will not only learn about bees, but like Brigit, you'll learn from them.