Zambeezi Lip Balm - 6 pack

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Enjoy Zambeezi's six lip-soothing, organic, Fair Trade flavors helping to regenerate communities and ecosystems: gingery Lemongrass, tangy Tangerine, delightful Wild Rose, tantalizing Sweet Basil, naturally-protecting Suncare and moisturizing Honeybalm.

The original Zambeezi lip balm has a wild gingery lemongrass flavor with organically grown, Fair Trade ingredients you will totally fall for.
This tart, tangy balm will have your lips doing the twist and shout! Organically grown, Fair Trade ingredients create a refreshing zing to make your lips dance.
Wild Rose
Don’t let cracked lips be a thorn in your side! Crafted with lip-soothing organic, Fair Trade ingredients, you’ll go wild for this sweet, floral balm. It’s like gifting yourself a bouquet of roses.
Sweet Basil
A perfectly intriguing blend of sweet and spicy, this is the balm for the curious! Organically grown, fair trade ingredients create a delightful herb garden in the palm of your hand.
Shield your lips from the harmful one-two punch of UVA and UVB rays! This delightful, gingery balm combines organically grown, Fair Trade ingredients with Zinc Oxide for natural protection. Comparable to SPF 15
So tasty, you might just eat it. This one-of-a-kind honeybalm leaves a lingering sweetness that keeps you coming back for more. Crafted with pure, organically grown, Fair Trade ingredients, this balm is so rich, your lips will think they’ve struck gold.