Well: Healing Our Beautiful, Broken World for a Hospital in West Africa

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Paperback, 336 pages.
by Sarah Thebarge
ISBN: 978-1455553204

Sarah Thebarge, a Yale-trained physician assistant, nearly died of breast cancer at age twenty-seven, but that did not end her deeply felt spiritual calling of medical missions in Africa. Years later, cancer in remission, she risked her own health when she moved to Togo, West Africa, to care for sick and suffering patients.

Serving without pay in a mission hospital, she witnessed death over and over again. In the outpatient clinic, she daily diagnosed patients with deadly diseases, many of which had simple cures that were unavailable. She lived in austere conditions and nearly succumbed herself in a harrowing bout with malaria.

She describes her experiences in gripping detail and ponders the intersection of faith and medicine. Her quest to help make the world "well" prompts her to reflect courageously about difficult and deep human connections - across race, culture, material circumstances, and medical access.