Watermelon, Oh So Sweet

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Citrullus lanatus
25 seeds per packet.

  • Light green rind with irregular, dark green stripes from stem to blossom end.

This watermelon came to SSE from Virdie Smith of Gladwater, Texas. The highly productive plants bear many medium sized fruits with striped rinds and a high sugar content.


-Watermelon seeds can be sown directly into the ground or planted indoors in soil trays or pots 4 weeks before planting them outside. This is a heat loving plant, so make sure that all chance of frost has passed and the soil has warmed before planting them outdoors. Watermelon seeds germinate in 4-10 days and can be planted outdoors in hills that are 12 inches across and 8 feet apart. Sow 6-8 seeds per hill at around 1/2 inch deep and thin the hill to 3-4 plants as the vines grow. If you are transplanting your watermelon, plant them in rows that allow ample room for vines to spread. This variety should be mature in 90 days.