Watermelon, Ali Baba

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25 seeds

Baker Creek introduced this fine variety about 12 years ago after they were sent seed by Aziz Nael, an Iraqi gentleman who had collected this fantastic variety in Iraq. It is now nearly impossible to get seeds from this ancient country whose people have lost much of their genetic heritage in the long, bloody war. The 12-30 lb melons have hard light-green rinds that make them perfect for shipping and storage; the light color makes them resistant to sun burning. Plants are large, vigorous and give heavy yields of oblong fruit which do well in many conditions. The flavor is superb, being very sweet and luscious; and the texture is very crisp. This is a best seller and is a favorite of Dr. Amy Goldman and featured in her book “Melons for the Passionate Grower”. Ali Baba has received much acclaim online “as the best tasting watermelon,” and it will forever win a spot in any melon lover’s heart.


Images and description courtesy of  Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds/ RareSeeds.com