Watch Out, World - Rosy Cole is Going Green!

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Hardcover, 102 pages.
by Sheila Greenwald and National Geographic Learning
ISBN: 978-0374362805

Miss Read's School is having a fall fair to raise money to plant trees in the schoolyard and buy energy-saving light bulbs, and Rosy Cole is thrilled when Mrs. Oliphant selects her idea, "Nature's Gifts," as one of the team themes.  For their project, Rosy, Hermione, Christy, and Their friends will be gathering rocks, shells, and sea glass.  With a little bit of paint, the girls will turn natural history into works of art.  Now that's what Rosy calls imagination!  

But Rosy's imagination gets the better of her when she decides that the Nature's Gifts booth should include live critter habitats.  Soon the girls are taking care of beetles, fruit flies, and even wool [email protected] when Christy's brother, Donald, asks her to babysit his composting worms, things get more than a little messy.  How will Rosy ever get out of this one?