Upland Taro - Puerto Rican 1g

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Plant Description: Perennial, glabrous, herb growing to a height of 1 m or more, with a massive, fleshy corm at the base, and lateral, thick, edible runners. Root system adventitious, fibrous, and shallow. Storage stem (corm) massive (up to 4 kg), cylindrical or spherical, up to 30 x 15 cm, usually brown, with lateral buds located above leaf scars giving rise to new cormels, suckers or stolons. 

Scientific Name: Colocasia esculenta

Common Names: taro, eddo, dasheen

Family: Araceae

Relatives: Wetland Taro

Origin: Puerto Rico

Distribution/History: While often introduced as a crop, it has escaped in many areas and become naturalized. In Florida, for example, it is listed as a Category I invasive species (Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council, 2011), meaning that it is regarded as altering native plant communities. This variety was found and cultivated in Puerto Rico.

Importance: In Hawaii, taro leaves are used as a vegetable in laulau, and taro corms are made into poi. Corms are also boiled, steamed, and baked, and may be fried to make chips.