Something Needs to Change

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Hardcover, 224 pages.
by David Platt
ISBN: 978-0735291416

Life's hardest questions don't just demand answers. They require action.

What happens when a well-known pastor and best selling author has his deepest convictions rocked by darkness in the world around him? Fresh off a trek through some of the highest mountains and remotest villages in the world. David Platt found himself overwhelmed with seimic questions like these:

  • If the gospel is true and God really is good, then where is God amid extreme poverty and pain?
  • Where is God's protection for the oppressed and exploited?
  • Is hell really a place, and does it actually last forever?
  • Is Jesus really the hope of the world?

In this compelling account of that treacherous trek, Platt invites you to eat what he ate, drink what he drank, see faces he saw, and feel the emotions he felt at every turn. In the end, you will find yourself eye to eye with some of the most difficult questions and challenging needs in the world, and face to face with the God who desires to use your life in greater ways than you ever imagined.