Ross Sapote

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Tree Description: Ross Sapote is a gorgeous, fast growing fruit tree that prefers well drained soil and good amounts of sunlight. In the wild it can generally be found in wetland forests in areas of low elevation. Ross Sapote is an evergreen tropical/subtropical fruit tree native to Central America.

Scientific Name: Pouteria S P

Family: Sapotaceae 

Relatives: Canistel, Mamey, sapote

Origin: Central America

Distribution/History: Ross Sapote was introduced to Florida by the legendary rare fruit collector, Bill Whitman. 

Importance: Unlike Canistel, the texture of Ross Sapote fruit is consistently creamy throughout and it's not dry or chalky at all. It's fruit is large and round. It has a soft, smooth, creamy pumpkin pudding like texture and a sweet, delicious caramel aroma and flavor. Fruit is typically harvested in the fall but may have more than one season per year.