Pitomba - 3 Gallon

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Tree Description: The pitomba is an attractive, small tree that produces and abundance of yellow, aromatic, cherrylike fruit. However, it is rarely seen outside of collections. While the pitomba is not likely to achieve commercial status in Florida, it makes an excellent dooryard crop and is worth planting on a broader scale. The treee is easy to care for and is relatively free of problems. However, the fruit is subject ot attack by the Caribbean fruit fly.

Scientific Name: Eugenia luschnathiana

Common Names: (English) pitomba; (Brazil) uvalha do campo, ubaid do campo, or uvalheira 

Family: Myrtaceae 

Relatives: Allspice, cherry of the Rio Grande, grumichama, guava, jaboticaba, Surinam cherry, uvalha

Origin: Bahia, Brazil

Distribution/History: This little-known species is native to the State of Bahia, Brazil, is cultivated to a limited extent locally and is grown in the botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro.

Importance: Because of its slow growth habit, it makes an excellent container plant. It can grown and fruit quite well in seven-to-ten-gallon-sized containers.