Mysore Raspberry

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Tree Description: The plant is a large scrambling shrub growing 10 to 15 ft high, with cylindrical, flexible stems downy when young, later purple, coated with a white bloom. It is thoroughly set with sharp, hooked thorns. The leaves, 4 to 8 in long, are composed of 5 to 9 elliptic-ovate leaflets 1 to 2 1/2 in long, coarsely toothed, dark-green above and, on the underside, white-hairy with small, sharp spines along the rachis, petiole and midrib. The fruit is rounded-conical, flat at the base; compound, made up of individual drupelets; red when unripe, purple-black when ripe, with a very fine bloom; 1/2 to 3/4 in in diameter, juicy and of sweet, rich black-raspberry flavor. The clusters may contain as many as 2 dozen or even more. The seeds are small and not objectionable.

Scientific Name: Rubus neveus

Common Name: Snowpeaks or Ceylon Raspberry

Family: Rosaceae

Relatives: apple, rose, strawberry, or cherry blossom.

Origin: India

Distribution/History: Plants were propegated and widely distributed, and by the mid-1950's, Mysore berries could be found and purchased at many of Florida's markets/produce outlets.

Importance: The fruits are enjoyed fresh, alone or served with sugar and cream or ice cream. They are excellent for making pie, tarts, jam and jelly. The fresh fruits can be quick-frozen for future use