Organic Moringa Soap

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Our Moringa soap is a well-balanced blend of different oils, some of which are noted for their moisturizing properties, others for their effective treatment of skin problems and still others for their lathering properties. 

Before the soap making process reaches its final stage (sometimes called "trace"), moringa is blended into the mixture, either from fresh moringa leaves (as a liquid) or as a powder. What we have tried to achieve in our soap is the best of both worlds: the benefits of natural oils and the benefits of the moringa tree.

Our soap produces a rich lather & washes off the skin very nicely, leaving a soft and moisturized feel to the skin. 

In many cases, it helps people with skin problems.

​We have tried to blend oils that have a reputation for alleviating skin problems, such as grape seed oil and coconut oil & others. With the addition of Moringa powder with all of its healthful benefits, we think we have something special.