Maturing with Mangoes

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Paperback, 248 pages.
by Walter Zill and Michael J. Shea PhD
ISBN: 978-1687324504

Born in 1941, the first child of L. H. Zill, I recall often being told that I was dedicated to God before I was born. That may be why he tolerated my occasional acts toward independence from his rule. When it became clear to me that he wanted me to run his mango tree producing nursery for his benefit in an overseas project beyond the scope of detailing here, I sold the residence my wife and I had and returned to finish the course of study began at Southern Missionary College in Tennessee. My convictions pertaining to obedience to God rather than man, when man's rules appear in conflict, led to withdrawal from college, and attempts too get on with a life via honest manual labor. As a person lost in the woods finds himself going in a circle, I found myself going back to work for Dad grafting trees and driving trucks to deliver plants.Experiencing divorce from the mother of our four children, then some years later meeting Verna, and marriage to her, I found myself frustrated in a feeling of failure at not fulfilling my purpose in life. TO correct that I began to write some of the events that might prove interesting to others based on my perception of Providential protection and guidance. My purpose is to show that the God who created all good things has seen fit to provide my needs. Presently I ride on two wheels (motorcycles) when the weather is decent, and I am not burdened with too much to carry. My SCUBA days are past; however, underwater photography at night over an ocean reef must be listed as about the most thrilling of all activities I have enjoyed.