Locally Laid: How We Build a Plucky, Industry-Changing Egg Farm - From Scratch

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Paperback, 336 pages.
by Lucie B. Amundsen
ISBN: 978-0399185601

When Lucie Amunden's husband, Jason, announced that he had a dream to quit his job (with benefits!) and start a commercial-scale, pasture-raised egg farm, she was skeptical at best. A few months and two thousand chickens later, Locally Laid Egg Company was born.

Locally Laid is the story of what happened next, from Lucie and Jason realizing that their commercially purchases hens were bereft of basic chicken-y instincts to managing a business that sat squarely in the mysterious category of "middle agriculture." With an unexpected passion  for this dubious enterprise, Lucie and her family ultimately came to understand that farms like theirs are vital to rebuilding the American food system. Delivered with a heavy dose of humor, Locally Laid is a messy, wry, and thoroughly educational story of the unforeseen payoffs (and frequent pitfalls) of one family's agricultural adventure.