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Tree Description: Jackfruit trees are large by nature. They can be pruned annually to 12' x 12' producing as much as 200 lbs. of fruit per year. It is the largest fruit that grows on a tree. The heaviest ever recorded weighed 275 lbs., but they are typically 10-35 lbs. Cooked green, the fruit can be used as a vegetable. It can be boiled, fried, grilled, roasted, or prepared with sauces. Mature seeds are also prepared in dishes. The ripe fruit tastes like a combination of mango, banana, pineapple, and cantaloupe. It is often compared to juicy fruit gum. Avg. Height x Width: 30' x 25'. Varieties: Mai 1, Mai 2, Black Gold, Gold Nugget, & Golden Pillow. Season: April to December, according to variety. Damage Temp: 28F.

Scientific Name:Artocarpus heterophyllus

Common Name: Jakfruit, (Spanish): arbol del pan, jaquiero, jaca

Family: Moraceae

Relatives: Breadfruit, mulberry. kwai muk

Origin: India, Malaysia 

Distribution/History: No one knows the jackfruit's place of origin but it is believed indigenous to the rain forests of the Western Ghats. It is cultivated at low elevations throughout India, Burma, Ceylon, southern China, Malaya, and the East Indies. It is common in the Philippines, both cultivated and naturalized.

Importance: Jackfruit is a good source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, and other important vitamins and minerals. Also, research suggests that compounds in the flesh, seeds, and other parts of the plant may have the potential to treat or prevent a number of health conditions. Jackfruit is a popular meat substitute.