Grape - Southern Home 3 Gallon

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Tree Description: Southern Home is a unique variety as it is a hybrid of bunch and muscadine grape. The fruit is held in large tight clusters much like bunch grapes and the leaves have a beautiful deeply cut frilly pattern. Very ornamental, if you are looking for the perfect grape variety to plant on a pergola or over head arbor this is one of the best.

Relatives: Muscadines and bunching grapes

Origin: Florida

Distribution/History: 'Southern Home' was selected from the cross 'Summit' x P9-15. 'Southern Home' is special among muscadine cultivars because the P9-15 parent is a complex hybrid between V. rotundifolia, V. popenoei, V. munsoniana, and V. vinifera. The first three species are all from the muscadinia subgenus, and V. vinifera is the standard wine bunch grape species. You can tell the hybrid nature of this cultivar by the cut leaf pattern of the leaves.

Importance: Deep purple black fruit are very sweet if allowed to fully ripen. Excellent red wine grape if you’re so inclined. Fruit has 18% sugar and ripens from September through October.