Field Guide to Appropriate Technology
Field Guide to Appropriate Technology

Field Guide to Appropriate Technology


Hardcover, 889 pages.

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Many international workers in third world countries do not have access to he supplies, experience, or mentors necessary for fulfilling the basic technological needs of life and work. Regardless of profession or interest, whether it be medicine, science, education, agriculture, business, government, or religion, it is difficult to complete a mission without first solving the technological challenges of habitat. The book will prove to be a valuable and interesting companion and tool for the international worker.

Appropriate technology is small scale, energy efficient, and environmentally sound. It is technology that can be managed and maintained by a local community. This book is a hands-on guide for non-technical and technical people working in developing nations. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations show how to build and maintain a vast array of appropriate technology systems and devices. Although this book is not designed to be a blue print for all appropriate technology, it is an overview of possibilities. It is a guildeline to evaluate the needs and technological solutions for a community, and provides references for further reading. It is an introduction to some of the most common and important technologies of small-scale community development, and highlights the cultural impact and implications of those technologies.

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