ECHO Wool Dryer Ball - 2-pack

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This wool comes from ECHO's own sheep and hand spun by The Spinners, a group of women who spin and create wool products.

1. No chemicals
Fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain chemicals and perfumes, whereas, wool dryer balls are natural and made from sheep which is a renewable resource.

2. Decreased drying time
Wool dryer balls cut down on time in the dryer. The action of the balls bouncing around in the dryer forces the laundry items apart and circulated the hot air around each item. This in turn makes the drying time shorter.

3. Helps prevent wear and tear
Wool dryer balls don’t reduce the absorbency of materials.

4. Softens fabric naturally
Dryer balls soften clothes and linens naturally by tumbling around with the laundry, smoothing out the wrinkles and softening the clothing. That being said, they work best when the dryer isn’t crammed full. The balls need room to bounce around and circulate inside the dryer tub. And, they’re great for keeping those small loads from bunching up, not drying well, and getting ridiculously wrinkled.