Earthbag Building

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Paperback, 280 pages.
by Kaki Hunter
ISBN: 978-0865715073

With over seventy percent of Americans unable to afford a code-enforced, contractor-built home, there has been widespread interest in recent years in using natural and alternative materials for construction. Straw, cob, and earth can all be used for building homes and other buildings that are inexpensive, and that rely largely on labor rather than high-cost, and often environmentally damaging materials from far away.

Earthbag Building is the first comprehensive guide to all the tools, tricks and techniques for building with bags filled with earth - or earthbags. Acknowledged pioneers and experts in the field, the authors have perfect4ed their "Flexible Form Rammed Earth Technique" - a reliable method for constructing homes, out-buildings, garden walls and much more. This enduring, tree-free architecture can also be used to create arched and domed structures of great beauty - at home in any region, and in developing countries, or in emergency relief work.