Desert Gardening: Fruits and Vegetables

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Paperback, 288 pages.
by George Brookbank
ISBN: 978-1555610029

Desert gardening is different!
Wherever you live in the desert--up to 3,500-feet elevation--this guide is for you. Enjoy plentiful fruits and vegetables from your desert garden. Desert gardening expert George Brookbank will help you with your desert garden.
Two books in one . . . A tremendous reference tool you'll use all year 'round!
1. Complete how-to-do-it guide

--Drip irrigation and watering
--How to prepare desert soil
--Which plant and tree varieties to choose
--Citrus: Watering, pruning, fertilizing
--New varieties for favorites: tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, melons

And the unusual . . .
Low-chill apples
Oriental vegetables
Yard-long beans
--New chapters on hydroponics and alternatives to poisonous chemicals
2. Week-by-week desert calendar
--Learn how to work with the desert's short seasons, hot weather, insects, and soils
--When to plant
--When to prune
Over 650 photgraphs