Citrus - Tangerine

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  • Clementine: The fruit is sweet, can be easily peeled with an orange peel color and is cold hardy. There are very few seeds and the fruit matures from October to February.
  • Dancy: One of Florida's oldest tangerine varieties. Traditional Christmas Tangerine. Peel is deep red color and easy to peel (zipper-like skin). Excellent fruit quality and richly flavored. The fruit is small 2 1/4"-2 1/2" with many seeds. Its season is short December to January.
  • Murcott: Exceptionally sweet and juicy. It has a yellowish-orange, zipper like peel with deep red flesh. The fruit is medium 2 3/4-3 3/4" with many seeds. The tree is a heavy bearer and its season is January to March.
  • Ponkan: This large 2 3/4"-3 1/4" has few seeds and is excellent in eating quality. It is sweet and low in acidity and can be easily peeled. The tree is cold hardy and produces from December to January.
  • Satsuma: The small to medium fruit 2 1/4"-2 1/2" is sweet with low acid. Is has very few seeds and is easily peeled. The tree is very cold hardy and has sparse foliage growing habit and slow growing. Its season is September to November.