Citrus - Tangelo

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Tangelos are hybrids of the tangerine (mandarin) and grapefruit or pummelo.


  • Minneola: is a Duncan grapefruit x Dancy tangerine hybrid. The fruit is usually fairly large, typically 3 - 3½ inches in diameter. The peel color is quite good and at peak maturity achieves a bright reddish-orange color. The peel is relatively thin, smooth, and tends to adhere to the internal fruit surface. Seed numbers are few, but variable, and range from 0 up to perhaps as many as 15 seeds per fruit. The fruit matures in the December-February period. Minneola trees are quite vigorous, and given adequate room to develop, will make large trees. They tend to be fairly cold-hardy.
  • Sugarbell: Sugar Belle is a cross between a Clementine and a Minneola tangelo. The 'Sugar Belle' is sweet, juicy, and fairly easy to peel. While the fruit is quite high in sugar, it has substantial acidity to balance the high sugar content. Ripening period ranges from Nov-Jan.