Peter Fellows
Practical Action Publishing, 2013
ISBN: 9781853397660
Paperback, 550 pp.

The Complete Manual of Small-scale Food Processing

Small-scale food processing is important worldwide. For individual processors, it is highly accessible as a start-up business, especially for women; farmers and fishermen can readily diversify into processing to increase their incomes; and high added-value enables processors to earn an income from relatively small scales of production. For policy makers: small-scale food processing can create employment, increase food security and improve nutritional standards.Written by an experienced food technologist and author, this book provides comprehensive technical and business information on all aspects of small-scale food processing in a single text. From how to assess the market, to primary and secondary processing, packaging, managing food safety, and finances, the book covers all the technical details and up-to-date information needed by a food processor. It is written in simple language suitable for the non-specialist and also for people who have English as a second language.
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