Bamboo Amplifier

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Artisan Information: Ekachai Jaja is part of the Lahu minority group of Southeast Asia. He grew up in Northern Thailand. In 2016, he moved to the US with his wife.

Background in Bamboo: The Lai utilize bamboo for everything, from housing and fences to tools and kitchenware. During the rainy season they harvest young bamboo shoots for food. It is truly delightful to watch Ekachai delicately cut bamboo with a machete with minimal, practiced strokes.

Functional Art: Whether listening to Music, a podcast, or a sermon, this Bamboo low-tech speaker creates a highly functional and environmentally friendly way to improve the sound quality for your smartphone. Each Bamboo speaker is lovingly hand-cut and assembled by Ekachai. To preserve damage from water and humidity, The artist coats the bamboo with an environmentally friendly and non-toxic lacquer.

Each amplifier varies in size, let us choose for you!